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Lafourte Jérome

Jerome Lafourte

Founder of the Neo nutrition brand and competitor for many years, I have always wanted to create a product that would allow my dogs to perform even better and above all to support them as well as possible in the recovery process during our training phases. and for their daily well-being. My knowledge in sports dogs has allowed me throughout these years to analyze several aspects of the practice of these different disciplines. My track record is nothing without the complicity of my dogs and their abilities. We want the best for them and that's what we did with the Neo nutriton range..

Belgian champion in long canicross 2016/Belgian champion in canivtt 2019/Belgian champion in canivtt 2022/Champion of flanders in canivtt 2022/Vice - European champion in Relay canicross ICF 2015/Vice-champion of Belgium Scooter 2 dogs 2016 /Vice - ICF Canicross Relay European Champion 2016/Vice - IFFS Bike Relay European Champion 2016/Vice-Belgian Long Canicross Champion 2017/Vice - Belgian Short Canicross Champion 2018/2nd at the 2018 Mountain Trophy /Vice - ICF canivtt world champion 2018/Vice - Belgian scooter 2-dog champion 2018/2nd at the mountain trophy 2019/ 3rd at the European Bike-joering Scotland Iota championship/3rd at the Belgian short canicross championship 2015/3rd in the Belgian short canicross championship 2019/3rd in the canivtt IFFS world championship 2019/8th in the canivtt IFFS European championship 2022/10th in the Canicross IFFS European championship 2016/10th in the CaniVTT European championship 2017

Zeebroek Julien

Co-founder of the Neo nutrition brand, creator of the online sales platform, but also creator and manufacturer of the Alphadogsport and Nova Outdoor brands. I started my activities in 2017 with the opening of the online sales site, this activity allowed me to often find myself in the field. For more than 3 years, I analyzed the morphology of each dog, each pair that I was able to equip and this gave me valuable information that gave me the necessary knowledge to create my own brand of articles for pulling sports dogs. My expertise in product development allows me to be complementary with Jérome and to support him in this project, particularly in the implementation of certain aspects such as the sourcing of partners, products, etc.

Our history

Jérome and Julien met in the world of canine sport, where both were leaders in their respective fields. Jérome is a multiple bikejoring, canicross and scooter champion, while Julien is the founder of Sportdog Company, specializing in the online sale of articles for sports dogs, creator and manufacturer of the Alphadogsport and Nova Outdoor brands. . This meeting was decisive for the development of their joint venture, Neo Nutrition, which was created to meet the nutritional needs of sporting dogs. Jérome brings his expertise as a high-level athlete and his experience in canine nutrition, while Julien brings his expertise as a leader in the online business of articles for sporting dogs. Their complementarity has allowed Neo nutrition to become a reference brand for owners of sporting dogs and to help them provide adequate nutrition to their animals to help them perform at their best level. Neo Nutrition products are made with premium ingredients and are designed to meet the specific needs of active dogs, making them a popular choice for dog owners looking to provide the best for their pet. In conclusion, the meeting between Jérome Lafourte and Julien Zeebroek was decisive for the development of the Neo nutrition brand, which has become a reference for sporting dog owners thanks to their respective complementarity and expertise in the fields of canine sport and canine nutrition.


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